Virtual Reality – Virtuix Omni

£5,995.00 INC VAT

Virtuix Omni for soft play centre


Brief Description: Have you ever dreamed of exploring a fully immersive virtual reality world?

Move freely and as fast as you choose, explore a 360-degree immersive experience in total safety. The Virtuix Omni offers unapparelled gameplay with 20+ of the world’s greatest VR titles tailored exclusively for the Omni.

Our biggest selling VR product by far the Virtuix Omni is a compelling attraction for ‘Family Entertainment Centres’ looking to offer a new and unique attraction that will help generate new clients whilst generating significant income. With 3000+ Omni’s shipped to 45 Countries and a Million, Million+ game plays – welcome to the market leading Virtuix Omni.

What is the Virtuix Omni? A unique and innovative virtual reality system, the Virtuix Omni is an intuitive omni-directional treadmill that allows true 360-degree movement. Whether this is exploring outer space or the deepest oceans, walk, run and engage with a multitude of diverse and exciting environments!

What makes it different? The freedom of movement makes the Virtuix Omni fantastic at avoiding the traditional ‘motion sickness’ on other virtual reality systems. Utterly immersive with 20 + games that are released regularly, the Virtuix Omni is not only an investment but is the nearest feeling to actual reality on the market.

Whilst gaming is the primary purpose of the Omni virtual reality system, it can also be ‘unlocked’ and used for a variety of other purposes. From game development to neuro-cognitive research, interior design to architectural companies, the Omni can be used in a plethora of environments with unlimited possibilities!

Why is the Virtuix Omni so good? In addition to how Easy it is to and the wealth of content that is constantly being updated, the Virtuix Omni comes with simple software to make running multiple Omnis in a virtual reality arcade setting straightforward. Compact so it is easy to fit anywhere in your home or facility, it also boasts multiplayer activities with a growing e-sports culture. This is perfect for driving repeat business as customers can create accounts and pick up their progress where they left off. The treadmill aspect also can help with health and fitness – it’s much more fun to run around a video game than the gym!

Who is this suitable for? The Omni is suitable for children aged 5+ but the easy to use nature makes it suitable for everyone.

How can I find out more? Please contact our virtual reality expert team on 01302 846876 who will be happy to help with questions or arrange a personal demonstration here at our HQ