Step, Block and Slide Soft Play Set For Your Home – White and Grey

£165.00 INC VAT

Soft Play with Slide and Steps (Grey and White)

Our soft play slide and steps is a fantastic product for any parent wanting to create a soft play space at home. Our slide and steps create the perfect centrepiece for your home’s soft play area, affording years of fun, smiles and essential development benefits. We manufacture our soft play equipment for home use using the same premium British materials used to create commercial soft play equipment. Watch your toddler develop their motor and cognitive skills with the peace of mind that you’ve purchased a quality soft play product that will last years.


Soft Play Slide and Steps (Grey and White)

Parents aiming to create a home soft play zone should not look past House of Play’s soft play slide and steps. Our soft slide and steps is a popular product and flying off our digital shelves right now. It’s made with premium materials sourced within Britain and is meticulously designed to ensure it lasts for years and seamlessly fits with any home. Add it to your current playroom, conservatory, garden or anywhere else you wish to create a magical home soft play space.

Watch on as your toddler explores their new soft play slide and steps, developing key motor skills safely and making fun memories. You might want to keep the camera close by for the ultimate play room goals!

Long-Lasting Home Soft Play Equipment

 We apply the same attention to detail and British materials when creating home soft play equipment as we do when manufacturing commercial equivalents. Your home soft play slide will be packed with V24 foam, a superior type of foam compared to commonly used T-21 foam by some soft play product makers. Our steps and slide are then covered in a faux leather PVC layer, which is kind and soft to toddlers’ skin, but ensures exceptional durability. This material also makes cleaning and maintaining your soft play slide and steps almost effortless.

The bottom line is you receive a high-quality product that is completely safe and long-lasting. Expect to watch your toddler and any future toddlers benefit from tour equipment for many years.

Carefully Designed Soft Play at Home

When we design soft play for commercial venues, we consider the layout of their venue to maximise space. And we’ve done exactly the same when creating this soft play slide for home use. It includes a 90-degree angle so you can position the soft play equipment in the corner of a room or conservatory. This helps parents create that perfect soft play nook and simultaneously reduces the space needed to enjoy the equipment.

Soft Play for Home – and for All Tastes

Our grey and white variation of the soft play slide and steps is a big hit with many parents choosing to buy it in this colour. But if grey is not for you, you can choose the exact same soft play equipment with the same premium manufacturing in five other colours. Choose the one you love the most or match it with your playroom colour scheme.

Grey Soft Play Slide with Free Delivery!

 If you purchase our soft play slide and steps, we will now deliver it to your UK address at no extra cost. Delivery is 100% free!

And if you want to know more about soft play equipment for home use, or any of our soft play items for sale, reach out to one of our friendly team soon.

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