Jumbo UV Fibre Optics

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Interactive ultraviolet jumbo fibre optics.



Jumbo UV Fibre Optics highly tactile and visually appealing as well as interactive.

Interactive fibre optics make a fantastic option for sensory lighting with its visually engaging colour changing lights. They have proven to provide beneficial results for everyone with calming, relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, enjoyment, mood lifting and offering tactile input. These are especially valuable for people who may have conditions such as Autism, ADHA, Mental Health, Dementia and Cognitive Disabilities. The bamboo style sheath house polymer fibres which have been treated to allow the light to leak out along their length when attached to a light source. The jumbo harness’ consist of larger diameter sheathing which is phthalates free and has been treated with Biomaster antimicrobial protection, giving 24 hour antibacterial protection for the lifetime of the product.

The fibre optics can also be operated remotely using the Oval WiFi Colour Switch, and the WiFi Colour Cube Controller.  These are all available to purchase separately.

Specification: x15 tails, Requires light source & UV light – sold separately

NB: Use of all fibre optic products should be supervised and should never be mouthed.

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