Swing Accessories – Height Adjustment Kit

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Height Adjustment Kit includes the key components required to safely and conveniently suspend and adjust the height of your sensory products.

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Height Adjustment Kit for Therapy Swings

Includes height adjuster, rotational device, 2m spliced rope, 2 x screw gate carabiners, 2 x straight gate carabiner. The idea of having a screw gate carabiner is to reduce the risk of someone undoing it or it coming undone unnecessarily. The rotational device and the top of the spliced rope are likely to be out of reach when being used; while the height adjuster on the other hand is likely to be within reach. Use with our range of swings and frames.

Swings available;

  • Swing Bolster – 3 sizes and 3 colours
  • Activity Bolster – 3 sizes and 3 colours
  • Hug n Hold Bolster – 1 size and 3 colours
  • Flexi Bolster – 1 size and 3 colours
  • Swing Platform – 2 sizes and 3 colours

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Weight2 kg

Red, Green, Blue

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