Springy River Stone Step

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Springy river stone for balance based activities in sensory integration therapy.

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Improve balance, co-ordination and make a path more difficult with the “bouncy” springy river stone.

Springs provide bouncy motion to improve balance and motor skills, use with the river stones set for extra effect. Children can create a challenging balancing path way with lots of challenges between balancing when stationary and balancing when moving, will train your ability to switch between moving and stopping. Improves hopping skills, spatial awareness, coordination, perception and imaginative play all in a fun way.


Specification: Dimensions (LxWxH): 37x37x10cm, Weight: 1.3 kg, made from polypropylene, steel, thermoplastic elastomers, Max. load 50 kg, Non-slip rubber bases.

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Weight2 kg

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