Build N Balance® – Balancing Paradise Set

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Build n Balance set ideal for developing balance, motor skills, individual and collaborative play skills.

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Unique balancing system ideal for children to plan, build and balance, combing creativity and exercise.

Develop balance, motor skills, individual and collaborative play skills by creating balance paths or an obstacle course. Great for therapy run sessions where needed to build motor skills within children. Made from non slip durable plastic will be a great addition to any physical play collection. Slopes and gradients not only provide variety when balancing, they also increase the challenge.

The pylons, platforms and boards can be combined together any way you wish. The large pylon and the two pillars can be attached to the boards at three different heights of 100, 170 and 240 mm. Nervous children are encouraged to have a go at a low height. The balancing set can also be used by teenagers and adults of normal weight.

x18 Piece Set Includes: x3 beams, x3 logs, x1 slackline, x1 rocking board, x1 platform, x3 pylon 100mm high, 6x pylon 240mm high, max weight 100kg

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