Interactive LED Infinity Tunnel Panel

£562.00 INC VAT

Interactive Infinity Tunnel for sensory rooms and soft play areas.


Interactive Infinity Tunnel for sensory rooms and soft play areas.

Create mesmerising infinity effects at the touch of a button or leave to passively cycle through a rainbow of 12 relaxing colours and patterns. It can be installed in any sensory room or soft play on the wall or floor.

Numerous attractive colour-changing patterns, including step colour, fade colour, multi-colour, colour swipe, twinkle star effect and more. The speed of pattern is adjustable from very slow to fast. Direction of pattern travel is adjustable, simply press and hold down the button. The infinity tunnel can also be operated remotely using the Oval WiFi Colour Switch, the WiFi Colour Cube Controller.

Ideal for developing visual tracking. Visual tracking is one of the basic skills required for learning, this is important in the classroom where children are learning to read and write, but also for other activities such as sports and playing. The panel is great for cause and effect, colour matching, a must have for visual sensory stimulation.

Soft Play: This robust LED infinity tunnel is designed to be built into the floor of any room, including our soft play designs. Strong enough to stand on and enjoy the mesmerising effects. The 12 colours can be selected with the small hand-held remote control included.

Specification: 50cm diameter circle.

NB For installations on the floor and or in soft play environments we recommend you choose the built in floor/wall pad option.

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