Interactive Colour Blending Sensory Room Panel

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Interactive Colour Blending Sensory Room Panel for calming and multi-sensory rooms, Colour changing multi-functional mood wall panel.


Interactive Colour Blending Sensory Room Panel for calming and multi-sensory rooms.

Multi-functional wireless interactive sensory panel can be easily enjoyed at the touch of a button or leave passively as an attractive relaxing mood panel. Press the Pattern button to see one of ten visually stimulating patterns, which can be altered to any colour of your choice.

Great for therapy run sessions: The panel allows the user to engage in interactively to teach cause and effect. May be used individually, or in pairs or groups, taking turns, fostering social skills. Teach and learn about colour mixing, how to mix and blend Red, Green and Blue Lights – see how mixing lights is different to mixing paints. Includes a range of interactive modes, making the panel accessible to those learning the basics of colour recognition, and providing challenge to those learning about how coloured lights blend together.

Audio Feedback: Sound effects accompany each pattern, meaning this panel provides both visual and auditory sensory stimulation. It can be personalised with your own music if preferred – easy to do – just change the micro SD card

The panel has 4 illuminated large accessible push buttons as well as an LCD display allowing you to control Volume, Brightness, Speed, Mode, WiFi and Pairing, making it easy to use for people of all ages and abilities.

Compatible with other interactive products, such as the oval remote and cube.

Specification: 550W x 100D 900H mm – Matt White Finish

Screen Size: 425W x 730H x mm

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