Interactive Floor Projection Games

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Create a virtual playground with our award winning interactive projection gaming system that turns any physical space into an immersive, engaging and highly entertaining virtual experience.

Games are highly interactive, entertaining & engaging. Parents and children will return to your establishment again and again for the fun, physical activity and social engagement created by interactive projection. Experience has shown us that parents prefer businesses featuring an interactive experience. It’s the ideal tool for increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, word of mouth promotion and repeat business. You’ll quickly see that the system generates positive word of mouth. Businesses enjoy new customers and see an increase in actual time spent in your establishment. These factors translate to a boost in revenue. The system is extremely easy to install and fits into existing open spaces as it projects directly onto the floor from a ceiling mounted projector.

  • Entertaining and a great form of exercise
  • Fun, active and cooperative play
  • High level of interactivity helps children socialize
  • Visually stimulating to captivate your audience
  • Perfect entertainment for your business
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • 2 Available Options

Options include: Silver 20 games, lifetime license, 12 month software support only. Gold 5000 Lumens, 100 games, lifetime license, 12 month software support only.

Sensory Room Install – When used within a sensory setting the equipment is a great tool to engage, stimulate and focus learning and exploration with in therapy sessions for all ages and abilities.

Want a more fully immersive virtual reality world? See our fully immersive virtual reality world here.

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