Interactive Bubble Wall Panel

£1,020.00 INC VAT

Interactive Bubble Wall Panel for multi-sensory environments and sensory rooms.


Interactive Bubble Wall Panel for Sensory Rooms

A sensory room is designed to develop a person’s sense through special equipment such as lighting, tactile, music & interactive objects. The bubble panel makes a fantastic centerpiece with its visually engaging bubbles and colour changing lights. They have proven to provide beneficial results for everyone with calming, relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, enjoyment, mood lifting and offering tactile input. These are especially valuable for people who may have conditions such as Autism, ADHA, Mental Health, Dementia and Cognitive Disabilities.

The bubble panel can also be operated remotely using the Oval WiFi Colour Switch, and the WiFi Colour Cube Controller.

Great for therapy run sessions: The panel allows the user to engage in 10 sound-responsive interactive modes, which encourages vocalisation. Modes include

Audio Control: The panel responds to sound using an external microphone. Control the colour, pump or both, it is particulary impressive when blowing into the microphone to create bubbles in the panel.

Music Mode: The panel includes 10 sound tracks to control the bubbles via music.

Pattern Mode: Pattern 1 = Solid colour, Pattern 2 and 3 are travelling LED patterns.

The panel has 4 illuminated large accessible push buttons as well as an LCD display allowing you to control Volume, Brightness, Speed, Mode, WiFi and Pairing, making it easy to use for people of all ages and abilities.

Specification: 550W x 100D 900H mm – Matt White Finish

Screen Size: 425W x 730H x mm

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