Atmosonic Series 200 Mini ULV Fogger

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AtmoSonic Series 200 Mini ULV Fogger is lightweight and portable mini fogger and an ideal machine for surface and area disinfection in offices, store rooms, canteens, retail premises, hotel rooms, domestic properties and more.

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The AtmoSonic Series 200 Mini works by expelling a fine, almost invisible mist into the atmosphere which eventually settles on all surfaces including those impossible to reach by conventional methods. Setting the flow rate control at level 2 will produce a dry fog, suitable for areas such as offices or where textiles or other sensitive materials / merchandise are exposed.

The powerful 1400w 230v electric motor and the ability to adjust particle size from 9 μm up 49 μm, makes this machine unique in this class, and suitable for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides and pesticides.

Regular fogging with approved disinfectant, such as AtmoSan – Rapid Action, 100% Safe Sanitiser, will help prevent the cross-infection of viruses such as MRSA, Covid 19 Coronavirus (human and feline), Strangles, Ringworm and many more, allowing immediate re-occupation of the area.

Approved disinfectant sold seperately

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